Creating a widget

If actions are the building blocks of stakeholder engagement, widgets are the vehicle for the interaction. Widgets house actions; embed widgets within your website or a series of partner websites to make actions front-facing. Click into the Action Widget area of the platform from the Actions main nav dropdown. Now on the Widgets home screen, […]

Embedding a widget on your website

Embedding a widget on your website is like hanging up a storefront sign that says “Open for Business”. This is the final step to action creation, and allows stakeholders to interact with your advocacy effort via your website. Click into the Action Widgets area of the platform from the Actions main nav dropdown. Click the […]

Creating / Editing Custom Fields

Custom fields are a great way to capture additional information about your stakeholders. Easy to create and even easier to implement, custom fields can help you better understand your audience by allowing you to ask for information from stakeholders that is specific to your strategy, organization, or cause. Click into the Custom Fields area of […]

Creating / Editing Custom Forms

Custom forms are the best way to collect the information YOU want on your stakeholders. Although certain fields are necessary and required for actions related to legislators (and cannot be deleted), we encourage you to create custom forms to help capture the information you need to be successful in your advocacy efforts. View Existing Custom […]

Creating / Editing Custom Groups

Think of Custom Groups as your change to create custom caucuses within your state legislature or Congress. From the boating caucus to the cancer caucus, the kidney caucus to the bike caucus, any effort can quickly and easily group together legislators through SparkInfluence’s Custom Groups. Create a custom group to track sponsors/cosponsors or votes on […]

Creating/editing Custom Targets

Custom targeting is SparkInfluence’s answer to the question: “What if I want to target elected officials who are NOT federal or state representatives, or who aren’t even elected officials?” It’s easy to set up custom targets for local governing bodies, like school boards or city councils, or individuals like a county commissioner or your state […]

Tracking Conversions: Adding a Facebook Pixel

The saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” While I’m not sure who said it originally, the underlying concept is part of why we created SparkInfluence; to provide a better way to aggregate, analyze and understand the community behind your advocacy effort. Conversion tracking plays a key role, letting you track […]

Adding point values to actions (gamification)

Within SparkInfluence, gamification is used in the context of actions and stakeholders. Point values can be assigned to each action you create and will be awarded to stakeholders who complete that action. YOU decide which actions you’ve created are worth more to you than others (for example—is a stakeholder commenting on a proposed regulation more […]

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