Setting up an automation

Email is likely the main mode of communication you use to stay in touch with your stakeholders. To save yourself time and effort, setting up automations is a great way to onboard/welcome new stakeholders to your effort, remind them of important action items, and more. Sometimes called drip campaigns, automations in SparkInfluence are a great […]

View Email in Browser & Shareable Email Link

Do you want to provide the option for your stakeholders to view an email in their browser instead of their email client? Would you like to copy a link at the click of a button so you can share your communications with those who may not have received your original email? With the launch of […]

Email Categories

Email Categories are a great way to group similar messaging and give your stakeholders a way to unsubscribe from certain types of email, without unsubscribing from your overall effort. Let’s start with an example. You may be sending advocacy alerts as well as weekly newsletters. Creating categories for each of these types of messages means […]

GOTV Automations – Key Date Types

For an explanation of the different types of GOTV Key Dates that can be incorporated into Automations, see the chart below, as well as a few specific examples. Key Date Type Absentee Ballot Request Deadline Absentee Ballot Request Deadline (In-person By) Absentee Ballot Request Deadline (Postal Ballot) Absentee Ballot Request Deadline (Post Received By) Absentee […]

Drafting an Email

Email is likely the main mode of communication you use to stay in touch with your stakeholders. In SparkInfluence, you can draft messages to relay important updates, disseminate information about available tools and resources, issue calls to action, send newsletters, and more. Creating an email that your advocates will open and engage with is crucial […]

Using Merge Tags

Curious about adding merge tags to your emails? It’s a great way to personalize your communications. For the basics of what a merge tag is, click here. To learn how to use them, keep reading.   Where can I add merge tags? Merge tags can be added as part of the email drafting process. You […]

Using Emoji in Email

Emoji. Love them or hate them, they’ve become part of our culture. More and more, we’re seeing them used in emails – sometimes in the subject line, other times in the body of the email. If you’re interested in dipping your toe in the water and adding one (or more) emoji to your message (a […]

A/B Testing

Email continues to be the main mode of communication organizations used to stay in touch with their stakeholders. But, as we’ve learned over the years, just as personalized messaging can increase the likelihood of your email being read and an advocate taking action, so too can a one-size-fits-all email strategy negatively affect your deliverability and […]

Saving a template

We all know branding is important when it comes to rallying supporters around your issue, so why not extend your organization or company’s brand to your emails? Or maybe you just want to save time each week when sending out your newsletter. Whatever the reason, adding custom email templates that you can use over and […]

Setting up an auto-responder

No one ever complained about receiving a nice thank you message for their time. In SparkInfluence, an auto-responder is just that type of message. Transactional by nature, an auto-responder message is triggered by a stakeholder taking action. The message sent can be anything you want, whether just a simple thank-you or language driving the stakeholder […]

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