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Report Breakdown

By breaking down a single copy of the data in dozens of ways, SparkInfluence allows you to track engagement with and effectiveness of your effort through a variety of visual charts & graphs, as well as CSV exports. Quickly and easily track stakeholder growth, view a breakdown of stakeholders by congressional district, keep track of […]

Reports Dashboard

With a combination of options and customizations, the SparkInfluence Reporting area allows you to track the health and effectiveness of your effort through CSV exports. Quick and easily track stakeholder growth, download a breakdown of stakeholders by congressional district, view outbound email performance and more, all in only a matter of clicks. Reporting Dashboard To […]

Using the Advanced Search: Tips

With the release of the updated Advanced Search, there’s a host of new functionality available to you to help you segment and target your database. Redesigned to make it easier to find all of the potential filters available, the new advanced search makes it simple to not only perform regular run-of-the-mill type searches, but also […]

Flash Reports

Sometimes you just need a report quickly. That might be all Stakeholders who live in a particular state, all Stakeholders who’ve taken action on a campaign or all custom letters sent during a call-to-action. Flash reports exist for just those moments. Finding and Downloading Flash Reports On almost all screens throughout SparkInfluence, you’ll find a […]

Creating a Saved Search

Saved searches are useful for many things — they allow you to revisit segments of your stakeholders that you might need to review on a regular basis, and can also be used as recipients for your email communications. Performing An Advanced Search To create a saved search, start by opening the Quick Search area and […]

Using the Quick Search: Tips

A system is only as good as the speed at which you can access your data. The Quick Search is our answer to a “smart search” allowing you quick and easy access to not only find Stakeholders, Legislators, Committees, Custom Caucuses, Tags, PACs and more, but at the same time, in-depth data that can answer […]

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