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Reports Dashboard

With a combination of options and customizations, the SparkInfluence Reporting area allows you to track the health and effectiveness of your effort through CSV exports. Quick and easily track stakeholder growth, download a breakdown of stakeholders by congressional district, view outbound email performance and more, all in only a matter of clicks. Reporting Dashboard To […]

Flash Reports

Sometimes you just need a report quickly. That might be all Stakeholders who live in a particular state, all Stakeholders who’ve taken action on a campaign or all custom letters sent during a call-to-action. Flash reports exist for just those moments. Finding and Downloading Flash Reports On almost all screens throughout SparkInfluence, you’ll find a […]

Creating a Saved Search

Saved searches are useful for many things — they allow you to revisit segments of your stakeholders that you might need to review on a regular basis, and can also be used as recipients for your email communications. Performing An Advanced Search To create a saved search, start by opening the Quick Search area and […]

Using the Quick Search: Tips

A system is only as good as the speed at which you can access your data. The Quick Search is our answer to a “smart search” allowing you quick and easy access to not only find Stakeholders, Legislators, Committees, Custom Caucuses, Tags, PACs and more, but at the same time, in-depth data that can answer […]

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