SparkInfluence Glossary


Actions are the building blocks for efforts using SparkInfluence and a way for your stakeholders to interact with your effort. These interactions might include: Messages directed to legislators or other targets by stakeholders (like Write Your Legislator, Call Your Legislator, Comment on a Regulation) or Forms completed by stakeholders themselves (like Share Your Story, Sign […]

Action Participation by Tag (report)

Action Participation by Tag is a flash report that lives within the overview screen for individual actions you create and engage your stakeholders on. Using tags within SparkInfluence is a great way segment your stakeholder database into groups that are important to your effort (i.e. your Board of Directors, attendees at your most recent event/conference, […]

Actions taken (data point)

The number of actions taken reflects the number of times stakeholders have clicked to take action via a widget you have created.

Acting (data point)

The number of stakeholders acting is the count of distinct individuals who have completed one of your actions. If a single individual clicks a link to take action twice (using the same information), they will be counted only once as acting (although the two actions taken will be captured in their stakeholder profile). However, if […]

Activities generated (data point)

The number of activities generated reflects how many messages or interactions were completed by stakeholders taking an action. For example, a stakeholder completing a Write Your Legislator action that targeted both the House and Senate would most likely be generating THREE activities—emails to both Senators and their Representative. Commenting on a Regulation would generate ONE […]


An auto-responder is an email that is triggered and sent automatically by SparkInfluence to stakeholders who have interacted with a particular widget/action when activated by an account admin. Think of auto-responders as transactional messaging. For example, many clients set up an auto-responder so that stakeholders receive a thank-you message immediately upon taking an action.

Custom Group

A custom group is a set of legislators you want to target, but who do not already exist in the specific grouping you want. For example, the Senate and House of Representatives already exist as groups, so do not need to be custom-created in order for you to target them with actions. Entities like the […]

Custom Target

Native to SparkInfluence is the ability to target elected officials on the federal & state level. Of course, there might be times when you want to target a school board member, a specific regulator, a CEO or other decision-maker who’s not the in the system by default. Custom Targets are the answer. A Custom Target […]

Effective Open Rate

We have an admission to make. There are stakeholders on our email list that have never opened one of our messages. They haven’t unsubscribed, they’ve just never opened an email. Not one. And yet, at times, we’ll include them on messaging we think might interest them. What if we could judge the effectiveness of the […]

Email Content Pre-Header

Are you an iPhone user? Use the Apple Mail or Gmail app? If so, you’re probably familiar with email pre-headers. It’s the line of text that displays for each email in your inbox as a preview of what the email is about. Whether you have an iPhone or not, you can be sure a good […]

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