What if I don’t have a physical business address to include in my email footer?

So, you’re sending email through SparkInfluence, but don’t have a physical business/mailing address to use in the footer of your emails? In a world where working outside of a traditional office is increasingly common, you may need to think outside of the box — but you still have options to ensure you’re CAN SPAM-compliant.

  • Professional┬áRepresentation
    Do you have a manager, agent, or other type of professional representation? If so, they may be willing to receive mail for you, and allow you to use their business address in your email campaigns.
  • Rented/Creative Space
    Do you have a space where you practice, create, or perform (think studio or rehearsal space). Do you take advantage of a co-working space in your area? If so, and you can receive mail there, you may be able use that address in your email campaigns.
  • Business/Professional Affiliations
    Are you affiliated with another business or organization somehow? For example, do you teach lessons at a local music store? Or do you rent gallery space for your art? If so, and the business will allow you to receive mail there, you may be able to use that business’ address in your email campaigns.

Of course, the above are only suggestions. It’s important that you consult a professional if you need to be creative, to make absolutely sure you are in compliance with CAN SPAM rules.

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